Delivery is here ! *Sneak Peak*

Happy Tuesday! I’ve recently had a lot of opportunities to taste/feel/see/touch the products in the new line + I love it so much! You’ve heard me go on and on about the gorgeous ‘royal’ packaging, but everything else is just as beautiful. I’ve invested in 2 new toys for my demo, and I am so excited to share them with my hostesses! Main Attraction and Premiere are faster, more powerful, and BETTER. Can you say UPGRADE!?  %$#@ Yeah! They are now SUBMERGIBLE up to 3 ft (Hello, bath + hot tub friendly!) + the medical grade silicone material now has a special 24-karat gold plated addition!

Stay tuned for the next Favorite Product Friday for a more involved look at these 2 new toys! And if you’d like to shop these products yourself, head over to my shopping page.

If you’d like to get these products for *FREE* at your own Girls Night, let’s party! <<< Email me at to learn about Hostess benefits + get my available dates.