Massage Monday


One of my favorite themes for my Pure Romance parties is Massage Monday! My girls absolutely love it. And I love knowing I can make them feel good just for a night… at least until they take their goodies home! And it doesn’t matter at all if you are single or have a partner, you can treat yo’self or be treated… But first… Why even bother w/ massage? Let’s talk about some of the benefits…

Massage therapy can reduce migraines, improve sleep, ease back pain, reduce the need for pain killers, lower blood pressure + improve circulation, reduce stress + the stress hormone Cortisol, and a huge benefit is that it eliminates toxins from the muscles + fat and increases oxygen to the body! Massage is a very effective way to maintain your health and wellness, but sadly, a huge portion of us are NOT getting regular massages. Why is that? Well, the main reason is likely cost. I know I’d love a massage every few weeks to a month, but after the cost of the massage, any add-ons, and a tip, I need another massage to counteract the stress of the bill!

So, what are some cost-effective ways to get your massage in and reap the above benefits? Well… unless you have a massage chair or a willing partner, you’re going to need some trusty helpers to get the job done, and the job done well! Ladies, your partner might be a bit more excited about offering up a massage if they had a few fun things to bring out! LIKE WHAT!? Glad you asked 😉 Check out these AMAZING massage products by Pure Romance. We’ve got you covered!

Our massage lotion, Serenity, is also oil based + perfectly paired with our Hot Heart’s or vibrating hot massager, Heart Throb. And our massage gloves, In Good Hands, is the PERFECT at-home deep tissue massage… and BONUS, ladies- You can use it in the shower for a personal massage or gentle exfoliant, (one of my personal favs)! It also pairs great with Pure Romance’s Aura massage oil for a delightful massage from your partner. You can now try our new scent, Honey & Lotus! (psst, its incredible!) We also have the Burning Desire soy candle that you can drip on your partner for the ultimate sexy massage!

Shop our massage products with me now! xo