Be a Pure Romance Consultant !

What does it mean to be a Pure Romance consultant? I am so glad you asked 😉 I am getting asked this more and more it seems, so here’s the answers to my most popular questions:

How much does it cost to get started?

Currently we have 3 Kits! The big mac daddy kit, our Premium kit, comes with your demo items, and more than enough to stock your inventory party after party! Women LOVE when you show up to their house WITH their goodies in tow, and when they can go home THAT NIGHT with them. The second kit, the Deluxe, comes with your demo and slightly fewer inventory items, and the Standard will be everything you need to make the best demo happen! Each kit comes with business materials like order forms and catalogs, and access to your personal shopping pg! Right now kits are 65% off!

current kit sale

How many parties do I have to have a month?

However many you want! If you don’t want to do any parties, thats perfectly fine. There are plenty of ways to make money doing this! If you want 1-2 parties per month, for a few extra hundred dollars, thats fine too. Or go at it like a beast, and pack your calendar FULL of parties! Hey, they’re a lot of fun, so why not?

What type of training will I get?

I will personally train you! Join my team, and I will give you the attention you need to start your business off strong! PLUS, Pure Romance offers incredible resources…  online party school, tons of videos and materials, along w/ an incredible ‘sisterhood’ of women ready to help you out! And we have an extremely friendly and helpful corporate office ready to answer any new consultant questions. + MORE!

What if I wanna take a leave absence?

So do it ! YOU are your own boss and make your hours. You work as much or as little as you want! Truly.

What are some of the perks?

Whoa. There are SO many perks. Aside from the awesome sisterhood + resources, Pure Romance offers a flexible consultant schedule, countless trips (a majority are FREE, paid for by corporate), amazing buying discounts, the opportunity to network + be entertained, and feel empowered. OH, and product testing! 😉

How much money can I make?

Well, how much do you need to make? The avg party is $300-500. The average consultant can make $250+ in just one night, depending on the party + how much inventory you carry. It’s easy to have 1-2 parties a month to cover that pesky $500 bill ! But the possibilities are truly endless, and they only get better as you start building your team !

Is it easy to book parties?

It can be! You’ll go thru your friends and family quickly, but once you get your name out there, and build your clientele, you’ll be surprised at how busy you find yourself! =) Plus, I am here, and I will help you! The power of a name tag can be incredible! You’ll be shocked at how many people see your name tag and get excited that they found their new Pure Romance consultant !!

When do I get paid?

IMMEDIATELY ! No waiting on a commission check! You got home with money in your account or pocket the night of the party… or as outside orders roll in.

More questions? Message me,, and I am happy to talk more about the Pure Romance opportunity.