Sex is SO good for you!

Here are the top 10 reasons sex is good for you:


1 – Relieves stress and tension

In addition to merely lowering systolic blood pressure, the experiences of intercourse and orgasm are some of the greatest stress-tamers available.

2 – Ciruculates energy through the reproductive organs

Why is this important?  It both releases toxins held there (think cancer prevention) AND promotes optimal fertility and reproductive health.  This includes the release of hormones which contribute to overall healthy metabolism, stress responses, and mental activities.

3 – Promotes bonding and healthy connection

When oxytocin is released in the brain during sexual activity, we experience the same chemicals as when babies bond with their mothers in the first year of life.  Studies have shown this to help with many psychological conditions, and even more, it is an essential part of our human health.

4 – Balances the hormones

Having regular sex keeps your estrogens and testosterone in healthy balance.  In addition to creating physical beauty, proper hormonal balance is essential to overall health in both men and women.

5 – Provides an experience of pleasure

The trade-off of experiencing the pleasure of sexual activity is a marked decrease in anxiety and depression.  Studies have shown that the endorphins released during sexual activity create a feeling of euphoria which provides relief in people with moderate to mild depression.

6 – Orgasm provides relief from migraines and other forms of pain

Just before orgasm we release high levels of oxytocin which creates a cascade of endorphins being released.  All natural pain relief – doesn’t cost money or carry unwanted side effects!

7 – Increases your lifespan

Irish men in a university study showed 1/2 death-rate of other men the same age and health if they had frequent orgasms.  Sexual activity also promotes salivation, which in turn keeps teeth healthy.  Some health care experts say that healthy teeth and gums increase life expectancy by 6 years.

8 – Promotes weight loss and burns calories!

20-minute quickies burn the equivalent of about 200 calories – the same amount as running for 15 minutes on the treadmill!

9 – Reduces risk of colds & flus!

Studies have shown that having intercourse 1-2 times weekly creates a 30% increase in immuniglobulin A, the powerful antibody that boosts your immune system.

10 – Sex makes you smarter

By increasing blood circulation to the heart and the brain, sex actually increases intelligence, much like other forms of exercise.  Deep breathing also promotes optimal circulation.

Did I convince you yet? Our sexuality is a healthy part of our bodies and our lives.  If you’re still not convinced, I recommend conducting an experiment of your own.  Try boosting your sex life by 1-2x/ week and see if you feel better, smarter, brighter and more relaxed!

Thx for the article ! XO