Austin Bound :)

Summer is in full swing, and I have a flight heading straight into the hot, hot Austin heat! I was just informed that last week’s heat index was 106! Yikes! Trust me, I’m going to do my absolute best to look adorable while I’m there, but I don’t need my make-up running down my face complicating things.

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Here are some go to makeup + beauty hacks. Thanks for the tips!

Sunscreen is a Non-Negotiable

The cardinal rule of spring and summer is to bring your sunscreen! Seriously, it’s not an optional product. The heat and sun will be in full force and the last thing you need is a sunburn to go with that boho flower crown. So, just do your skin a favor and load up on the SPF!

Mattifiers Are EVERYTHING

The last thing you want to deal with is a sweaty, oily face and if you already have naturally oily skin, you are definitely at risk for this. Beat the heat with products designed to absorb oil and keep your face dry and clear of pore-clogging oil. Try a mattifier as a base or a finishing powder that will keep your skin looking flawless all day.

Oil-Free is the Way to Be

If we haven’t already stressed this enough, oil is often your archenemy, and need I remind you its music festival season? The combo of heat, dancing, and dehydration can wreak havoc on your skin and send our oil levels through the roof. Why contribute to the problem with oil-infused serums and moisturizers? Stick to oil-free products that will keep your skin nourished, sans the slick, oily residue.

Skip the Foundation

In hot, humid environments, it’s important to keep your makeup as light as possible. There’s nothing worse than melting gobs of makeup… yuck! Try giving the foundation a rest and replace it with BB cream (beauty balm) or tinted moisturizer. That way you’ll have some coverage and much needed nutrients pumped into your skin without clogging your pores! So you can just focus on more important things, like fun!

Embrace Waterproof… EVERYTHING

Heat and sweat go hand in hand… and eventually you’ll start to see your face melt into those hands. Avoid this fate and keep your makeup in place by stocking up on waterproof products. We’re talking everything from mascara and eyeliner to water-resistant sunscreen and facial powders. Anything that says, “waterproof” on it, take it. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re shaking it to your fav festival band is your makeup coming off!

Hopefully this helps your make-up STAY ON YOUR FACE through the hot summer months 🙂 Now what about that body? No use in taking the above make-up tips if you’re not going to follow a perfect all-around skin care routine! Pure Romance has you covered! We have a HUGE  line of skin care products that are PERFECT for summer!



Pure romance to the rescue! Pure Romance’s Coochy shave cream is where you want to begin. This silky shave cream gets a close, clean shave + slows the hair growth- just what we want when we’re spending night and day in a bikini! Use it anywhere you’d shave- legs, under arms, bikini area, etc. Sensitive skin? Get added post-shave protection with our Skin Therapy! (LOVE!!) And bonus- not only will your legs be super soft, but your hair can be too, since Coochy doubles as a hair conditioner!

Step out of the shower and top it off w/ our Body Dew (go ahead and layer the same scent on!) Body Dew is Pure Romance’s ultra-hydrating body oil. It will lock in moisture, pop your tan (+ tattoos!), and keep bugs away w/ it’s natural insect repellent (soybean + almond oils)! It’s loaded with pheromones, so instead of bugs, you’ll attract BOYS! Body Dew is great in reducing that sunburn too- if you just can’t seem to beat it!

And when you’re out ‘n’ about, keep a pretty-smelling body spray like KISS around. It’ll cool you down & keep you smelling perfect throughout the day! Throw it in your gym bag, purse, or keep it in your desk drawer 🙂 Another thing to throw in the gym bag- our Between the Sheets! Our new scent, Love Story, is incredible, and it’ll freshen up your bag + clothes, and soak up a little sweat!