8 Need to Know Facts About…

Your clitoris ! !


It’s 10x bigger than you think.
Your clitoris might look like the tip of a finger, but it extends up to ten times that size throughout your vulva. As such, it doesn’t need solely attention to the external part to feel stimulated.

75% is the number of…
…women who need their clitoris involved in the game if they are going to orgasm their little hearts out.

It’s growing.
Even as we’re sitting here talking, your clitoris is growing bigger + longer and more powerful. We aren’t sure why this growth continues, so for now let’s except it as a gift from Mother Nature, and stop questioning it!

…NERVE ENDINGS! You have 8,000 nerve endings in your clitoris! Eight. Thousand. Whoa. Two times as many as the penis. So make sure it’s being attended to with a varied array of touch and stimulation. Pure Romance as you covered! Our new Spotlight Collection has AMAZING items for your mighty little friend down there.

Pure Pleasure.
That’s the sole function your clitoris serves. Nothing else. Nothing.

It’s the “key”.
In ancient Greece, the word “clitoris” means “key”. This is not a happy accident, it’s everything you need to know.

The Devil’s Mark.
During the days of the Salem witch trials, women with visible clitoris’ were seen as having “the devil’s mark”. Your clitoris is so powerful and scared men so much they burned women at the stake because of it! Ha!

The G-Spot!
You know what is a part of your clitoris? Your ever-loving G-Spot. It all comes back around to that affable num of erectile tissue!

Thx, Your Tango, for the info! And Lux Portraits! XO