Kegel exercise for better sex!

While more research still needs to be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of kegels on a better sex life, many women and men report that having a strengthened pelvic region can improve their ability to achieve orgasms.

The pelvic muscles are used during sex to create friction and contractions that can lead to orgasm, so improving circulation, sensation, and ability to contract these muscles may be able to help those struggling with having an orgasm.

There is no specific protocol for exercising kegels related to a better sex life; the same method is used as for controlling urine incontinence and for pregnant women.

Some women like to test whether their kegel muscles are become stronger by using a vaginal cone or device that they can practice holding in place with their pubic muscles. Doing this prior to sex can engage the correct muscles and improve blood flow, which may be able to help with an orgasm.


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