Favorite Product Friday: Body Dew

If you’re anything like me, the dry winter air wreaks havoc on your skin, ugh! The midwest has some lingering warm weather, but we know its not here to stay! Worry no more, body dew is here! I’m obsessed, and so are my girls! It’s a top selling product, paired perfectly with our Coochy shave cream, and comes packed with bonuses!


When you step out of that hot shower, your body is depleted of its natural oils… lame! Body dew is a dry mineral oil that replenishes your body’s lost oil + adds shine and moisture ALL DAY. You’ll no longer be held hostage to your lotion! It’s packed with pheromones, acts as a natural insect repellent in the summer (thank you soybean and almond oil!) & smells incredible! It’ll pop that tan, make your tattoos brighter, and it can double as a spritz for the ends of your chlorine infested hair after a day at the pool!

You can layer like crazy with all your favorite Pure Romance spa items in the same scent too! My favorite, the Pure Naked Spritz (pictured below!) is packed with essential oils giving it the cleanest smell. Our Pure Naked line is paraben-free, free of glycerin, perfumes, and dyes! And as always, NONE of our products are tested on animals ! =)