Top 10 Tarot Cards for Sex

Ever wonder the hidden sexual meanings behind the cards in your tarot spread? Here are the top 10 cards for sex and what they could mean! You’re welcome.

Knight of Wands
The Knight of Wands is your typical flirt! He is full of passion and lust, and he has so much sexual energy it just oozes out of him. Great in bed, but once he loses interest, he’s gone.

Ace of Wands 
This is an incredibly phallic card with a sprouting wand that rises to attention (if you catch my drift). Sexually, things are going very well when you see the Ace of Wands.


The Devil is a passionate, hedonistic and lust-filled card indicating great sex but where there is something amiss. The relationship may be bordering on the side of obsession or it has become angst-ridden. You might also be involved with someone who is not fully available to you, yet you keep going back for more.

Three of Cups 
Threesome! Upright, this is a fun threesome, but reversed you may find that three is a crowd and you’d much prefer there were only two of you involved.

I love the Star for her purity, oneness and transformative energy. She kneels naked, connected to the earth and the sky. Think tantric, connected sex that is highly spiritual in nature.

Eight of Wands
Quick n Dirty! Enough said! 😉

Ace of Pentacles 
Enter through the gate in this picture and you’ll find a large egg (AKA pentacle), waiting to be fertilized. So, if baby making isn’t on your agenda, use protection! (Psst, Pure Romance sells condoms!)

Four of Swords 
How can you not think of the missionary position when seeing the Four of Swords. This is sex that has become passive and routine.

Eight of Swords 
With a woman blindfolded and bound, the Eight of Swords speaks of bondage and S&M. To make sure that this is completely consensual and safe, look to more positive cards in the reading.

Opposites attract, creating a beautiful balance between two different individuals. There is good chemistry and you’re likely to take your time with each other, caring for and tending to each other’s every need.

Thanks, for the info! XO