Grab the blindfold!

37da7385b60c3ee0af77da4ad3c8ea31Use The Element of Surprise:

Blindfolded sex decisions should be made spontaneously or you risk losing the surprising affects. To maintain spontaneity, you can use everyday items like scarves and ties to cover your eyes.

Feed Your Senses: 

Using blindfolds during sexual activities doesn’t apply to just intercourse. If you want to try something new with your sex routine, then blindfolds are a good way to start since you can test them outside the bedroom first. You can blindfold your partner or be blindfolded by your partner and try to surprise each other’s taste buds with some delicious food items like honey, chocolate, strawberries, etc.

At this stage of blindfolded play, you have to win the trust of your partner. You can also carry on all these activities in your bedroom if you want to extend these funny moments.

Take It To The Bedroom: 

After winning the trust of your partner, you can go forward to start your fun sex games in your bedroom by caressing your blindfolded partner after undressing them.

You can stroke their toes, hands, back, stomach, legs, breasts, genitals and neck to arouse their sexual instincts. You can also increase the pressure of your strokes at various unexpected places with some pauses and tease them by moving from one body part to the other.

You can also use your lips to trace various parts of their body. Licking and kissing on various vital parts while moving down to will arouse a unique sensation in them.

This unique form of blindfolded foreplay will increase the interest of your blindfolded partner towards blindfolded sex when they do not know what you are doing with them.

Switch It Up: 

During this blindfolded foreplay in your bedroom, you can also allow them to undress you, relying on only the scent and taste of your body. In this way, they will be using all of their senses actively in this sex game. You can also opt for the blindfolded foreplay experience in the reverse manner by allowing your partner to blindfold you.

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