About Me

Hi! I joined Pure Romance in January 2016 and am having so much fun as a consultant! I’m passionate about start-ups & teaching sexual health as a Senior Pure Romance Consultant. A hippy at heart, I also care deeply about eating clean, health & wellness, spirituality, and animal rights.

I also work full-time in Ann Arbor, MI as an office manager for a software consultancy, where I am the self-proclaimed ‘boss lady’, and prattle on + on about Jared Leto and Third Eye Blind. When I’m not managing my business, I can easily be found smothering my beloved puppies, practicing yoga, and checking horoscopes~ XO


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Want to join my team or find out more information on Pure Romance? I’d love to talk! Call me, 734-718-6602, or email me at pureromancebyangie@icloud.com.