Pure Romance parties are the BEST! 

Had a blast in September partying it up with these ladies! Fall is off to a great start ! 



Welcome Joana 🌹

Welcomed Joana to the team this weekend!

She’s rocking her business from Massachusetts and already killing it! Celebrating a $700 victory at her first party this weekend, she’s gonna take this business by storm!

Interested in joining? Call me for details, or sign up here, pureromance.com/angelaMininni, 734-718-6602. XO

National Training 2017

Throwing it back to National Training 2017! 4k sister consultants banded together to educate ourselves, empower each other, and take part in yet another amazing product launch! Here’s a photo recap of the fun me and my team members had!

It was also networking, listening to powerful speakers, breaking our boards with Brian Biro, morning workouts, swag, and exploring downtown Cinci!

pureromance.com/angelamininni XO




Breaking Boards  

Last night, #pureromance brought us the incredible motivational speaker, Brian Biro. He taught us how to break through barriers in our business and personal life. The most interesting thing I pulled away from this was to look beyond the obstacle. If you look at your board, or the obstacle, you will not break through. You will stop, pause, hesitate, & let fear get in the way. You must look beyond. I didn’t look away from Nikki’s eyes.

There’s no one I could think of I’d rather have holding my board and helping me #breakthrough than you!! 💋💋💋 Thank you Pure Romance!

Pureromance.com/angelamininni xo

New products!

Yayy! New Pure Romance products arrive THIS WEEK! I’ll be keeping you 100% up to date with the new Fall product launch, and further updates LIVE from National Training 2017!! I can’t wait!

Any guesses whats coming!? What do YOU hope to see?

Don’t miss out, shop immediately, or book your August and September parties with ME! www.pureromance.com/angelamininni XO