Pure Romance: Miracle Oil

I have to say, a huge perk of being a Pure Romance consultant is having these ahhhmazing products easily at my disposal. When I tore my legs up at this year’s Tough Mudder in Michigan, I desperately needed help! Miracle Oil to the rescue! 🙂

Miracle Oil has DOZENS of incredible uses, so much so that it can easily replace a majority of stuff in your medicine cabinet.

First off, Tough Mudder was FUNN! I am so grateful that my client/hostess turned FRIEND, Urte, was along for the ride, as well old friend, Kristal. We volunteered Day 2 at the Finish Line handing out VEGA Protein bars and powder, the infamous orange headbands, and tee shirts. We gave out high fives and got muddy hugs of excitement in return! It was a hot, sunny day. Something must have gotten into us as we saw fellow volunteers head to the last (and arguably the CRAZIEST!) obstacle, Electrotherapy. Working the finish line, we were able to catch waves of Mudders run through, and as the course was wrapping up, we got in line to go through the ELECTROTHERAPY obstacle. Omg… Click here to see what this is about – its insane!

I think it is totally natural to take 10 seconds at the start to stare at this mess of 10k volt live wires hanging and waiting for you… mud below… hay stacks to hurdle over. Then you just have to GO. People come up with so many different waves of getting through this… some run red rover style with their team, others go at a snail’s pace to try and dodge and avoid the swinging wires as much as humanly possible. As I ran through I felt one wire hit me arm and I was DOWN. I immediately fell to the mud. I got up and rubbed the sand and mud out of eyes, and kept going. What was probably only 23 seconds, seemed more like a lifetime. Right as I was at the end, one more wire hit my poorly protected face, and BOOM. Down again. This time, I had a mini-blackout. I was pulled the rest of the way out by Urte… a bit weak sauce, I know… but I went through it! I wasn’t exactly sure where I was for a split second. Kudo’s to the Mudder’s who got thru the run AND the obstacles! I thought for sure my cheekbone would show the day’s adventure since I hit it on a haystack on my way down. But thankfully, no!

It took me a few to recover, and then I finished my shift, breaking down the posts and flags. Needless to say though, when I got home, my legs were a bit beat up! Enter Miracle Oil. The Day 1 picture is right before my much needed shower, I applied Miracle Oil as soon as I got out. Day 4 using Miracle Oil shows that there is some definite clear up. And today, and exactly 1 week since Mudder, shows an amazing change! I’ll continue to use Miracle Oil to make sure there isn’t any scarring, (and clear up the scar already there from a tumble while hiking in Austin, TX!) This product is great for the accident prone or the outdoorsy!


A few of the uses and benefits of Miracle Oil’s healing formula are: dry skin and eczema saver, reduce scars, acne, heal burns, hydrate cuticles, help ear infections, reduce redness and itch from bug bites, etc! But the best part, is it is only $20!

And these reviews speak volumes! From pureromance.com:

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Something BIG is coming TONIGHT! Pure Romance will be unveiling our brand new product launch for spring/summer 2017 TONIGHT @ 6pm est. The sisters are all gathered in Orlando, FL for the launch! We are SO excited ! Product launches are like Christmas for consultants!

pureromance.com/angelamininni XO


Founder’s Day Kit Sale!!


So much amazing information was just announced by Pure Romance… like ANOTHER *free* incentive trip! Whoa!

Also—- THIS incredible kit sale! Our Founders Day sale is a CAN’T MISS! I know what this company has done for me and I want to share it with YOU! Enjoy 75% off starter kits (plus a 50% buying discount!) starting at noon on Friday 12/16!

This is the lowest you will see these kits all year, but there is a limited quantity and they will go quickly!!!

Sale begins December 16th, but I am taking PREORDERS NOW so you can reserve your spot before they sell out!! Not ONLY is the sale great, but for the month of January you have a #bossbabe buying discount at 50%!!! LADIES, DO NOT SIT ON THE FENCE ANYMORE! Do life different! Pay it all off before your CC statement even arrives. Cha-ching $$ !

Treat yourself to a christmas gift that keeps giving and giving…. FINANCIAL FREEDOM.




Whoa, where to begin!? In July, I hit my retail and sponsoring goal in order to earn this amazing and FREE trip to Las Vegas! I found out the news (with tears of joy!) at our National Training 2016 in Cincinnati in August that I had made the trip with only 100 other sister consultants! Very exclusive!

We were completely spoiled by Pure Romance! The flight, hotel room at Caesars Palace, dinners, and transportation were all *FREE*! This company is so generous – we even got treated to Visa gift cards for spending or lunches + breakfast. We were even treated to the Cirque de Soleil show “O”… which was AHHH-MAZING. I don’t think I blinked the entire time! Wow. This was my first ever trip to Las Vegas, my first ever earned trip from Pure Romance, and I am forever grateful for the experience and the connections I’ve made. I was able to have dinner with amazing women I’ve looked up to in the business since my start, like Angela Dedona + Dana Barish! And I know I made lasting connections with some of the ladies, who I am so excited to see again, likely at World Conference 2017!

We had optional roundtables to network with women of all different levels and areas in the business, and were spoiled by official PR gear 🙂 My favorite part tho!? THE POOL. Ummmm, hello tan!


I know what Pure Romance has done for me, so if you’d like more information on the opportunity, I’d love to chat! pureromancebyangie@icloud.com XO