Breaking Boards  

Last night, #pureromance brought us the incredible motivational speaker, Brian Biro. He taught us how to break through barriers in our business and personal life. The most interesting thing I pulled away from this was to look beyond the obstacle. If you look at your board, or the obstacle, you will not break through. You will stop, pause, hesitate, & let fear get in the way. You must look beyond. I didn’t look away from Nikki’s eyes.

There’s no one I could think of I’d rather have holding my board and helping me #breakthrough than you!! 💋💋💋 Thank you Pure Romance! xo


Great Start to the New Year !

So far, 2017 has been all about LEADERSHIP! From meetings to training calls, I am in full focus on my team! Wild Roses is growing into a team of hustlers! Its “love season”, and we are taking full advantage of the ahhhmazing new launches just in time for Valentine’s Day and the impending release of the new 50 Shades movie ! So happy to welcome Stephanie to the team, just in time for this all!

We had incredible launches in January and February, like the ultra sleek and EXCLUSIVE Euforia Collection. And we’re of course loving all the BDSM in the Onyx Collection, the tiffany blue high end toy line in the Wonderland Collection, and tons of others tasty new flavors and scents! It’s a good time to be a consultant 🙂

November Recap!


November was amazing! Of course, I had my FREE trip to Las Vegas, thanks to Pure Romance! One of the more fun perks of becoming a consultant is the incredible incentive trips the company offers. Read here all about the trip and see photos from my adventure with sister consultants!

After the trip, I came back to a very fun and packed party schedule! I had my second highest retail month & met soo many new women! It’s my first November in the business, and its been a fantastic one!




Whoa, where to begin!? In July, I hit my retail and sponsoring goal in order to earn this amazing and FREE trip to Las Vegas! I found out the news (with tears of joy!) at our National Training 2016 in Cincinnati in August that I had made the trip with only 100 other sister consultants! Very exclusive!

We were completely spoiled by Pure Romance! The flight, hotel room at Caesars Palace, dinners, and transportation were all *FREE*! This company is so generous – we even got treated to Visa gift cards for spending or lunches + breakfast. We were even treated to the Cirque de Soleil show “O”… which was AHHH-MAZING. I don’t think I blinked the entire time! Wow. This was my first ever trip to Las Vegas, my first ever earned trip from Pure Romance, and I am forever grateful for the experience and the connections I’ve made. I was able to have dinner with amazing women I’ve looked up to in the business since my start, like Angela Dedona + Dana Barish! And I know I made lasting connections with some of the ladies, who I am so excited to see again, likely at World Conference 2017!

We had optional roundtables to network with women of all different levels and areas in the business, and were spoiled by official PR gear 🙂 My favorite part tho!? THE POOL. Ummmm, hello tan!


I know what Pure Romance has done for me, so if you’d like more information on the opportunity, I’d love to chat! XO

October Recap!


Whoa, what an interesting month! I think my absolute favorite news to share is that I got a promotion! I am the proud mama to 4 women on my team, and moved up to Senior Consultant this month 🙂 I am so excited to have this new level, and look forward to watching my team grow! I love the leadership aspect of my business, and Pure Romance has incredible resources to help you start your new career off with a bang! (Pun intended!) These are some lucky women and I am so happy for them.

I decided to relax on the party circuit this month, as my travel calendar was quite full! I enjoyed (another!) ahhh-mazing trip to Austin, TX, a city I am SO in love with! Very grateful for the extra money from just ONE party that allowed for me to book my flight + have some side money for all that tasty vegan food. We hit up Austin City Limits, which was a first for me! I already want to go back!


I think I was back in Michigan only for a day, before I packed up and hit the road for Burton, Ohio, for a remarkable team retreat. The 3+ hour drive was beautiful during Autumn, and the tips & training from Pure Romance’s TOP women was just something not to be missed. I’ve already incorporated so much into my business, stirring up a lot of last quarter excitement for me.


These are priceless experiences all thanks to Pure Romance!

Next stop, Vegas Baby!, XO