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October Recap!


Whoa, what an interesting month! I think my absolute favorite news to share is that I got a promotion! I am the proud mama to 4 women on my team, and moved up to Senior Consultant this month 🙂 I am so excited to have this new level, and look forward to watching my team grow! I love the leadership aspect of my business, and Pure Romance has incredible resources to help you start your new career off with a bang! (Pun intended!) These are some lucky women and I am so happy for them.

I decided to relax on the party circuit this month, as my travel calendar was quite full! I enjoyed (another!) ahhh-mazing trip to Austin, TX, a city I am SO in love with! Very grateful for the extra money from just ONE party that allowed for me to book my flight + have some side money for all that tasty vegan food. We hit up Austin City Limits, which was a first for me! I already want to go back!


I think I was back in Michigan only for a day, before I packed up and hit the road for Burton, Ohio, for a remarkable team retreat. The 3+ hour drive was beautiful during Autumn, and the tips & training from Pure Romance’s TOP women was just something not to be missed. I’ve already incorporated so much into my business, stirring up a lot of last quarter excitement for me.


These are priceless experiences all thanks to Pure Romance!

Next stop, Vegas Baby!

pureromance.com/angelamininni, XO


Last week I joined the Bliss Beauties and The Red Hots from New York for a team retreat. At first, it felt a little like mom and dad had dropped me off at camp and I was left to fend for myself! But in the end I came out of my shell and learned SO MUCH priceless information from 30 of my sister consultants.

I was happy to meet new women to share ideas with, and come home with list after list of things to implement into my business. It’s just incredible the training resources we are provided, not only by Corporate, but by leaders and other women. I might have fan-girled out just a tad over women I’ve watched since the start of my business, like Kayla Fraser and Stacey Bauch. It was refreshing to see Robyn Goodenow’s organization and systems, and always amazing to see our fearless leader, Nikki Hughes, in action. So grateful to see her party planning presentation!

We stayed at the gorgeous Punderson Manor and Lodge in Burton, Ohio. It’s an absolutely gorgeous spot for an Autumn retreat. We did a creepy ghost tour around the manor our first night, and followed it up with tons of team building activities, and classes on leadership, party planning, party presentations, and finance classes. This is amazing stuff that can be incorporated into all aspects of our lives, and it makes me extra excited to rock this last quarter of 2016! An unforgettable 72 hours!