Fav Product Friday: Between the Sheets

Pure Romance’s Between the Sheets powdered linen spray has soooo many incredible uses, ESPECIALLY for summer! Obviously, the main job is to soak up that dreaded wet spot in the bedroom (yuck!) Because lets face it, grabbing a towel mid-makeout or post love sess is not cute. Simply spray this sensual powdered spray 6in from the are area, and wah-la! Bye Bye wet spot. BONUS- it makes anything smell ahhh-mazing. We have a variety of scents to choose from… my favorite!? Our Truly Sexy FLIRT! Hints of jasmine, vanilla, and orange make it perfect for summer too!

Where else can you use it!? ANY AND EVERYWHERE. Freshen up your bed spread, dog bed, couch, pillows, rugs, bathroom, car …. GYM BAG, CLOTHES, OR GYM SHOES … Endless possibilities with Between the Sheets.

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Enter Euforia

Have you discovered Euforia yet?

Uniting velvety soft silicone and the finest 18-karat rose gold with hand-refined metals sculpted for your passion, Euforia luxury sex toys are designed to awaken your desires and blur the line between dreams and reality. Cast aside your inhibitions and prepare to enter a new realm of pleasure with this collection.

You’ll love our exclusive Euforia 18-karat rose gold jewelry. Featuring a core of stainless steel plated in delicate 18-karat rose gold, the Ascent Bangle and Ascent Pendant are accented with the Euforia insignia, then finished and polished by hand. With only limited numbers of each piece created, consider the bangle and pendant a limited-edition luxury.


Elevating your most intimate moments with pH-balanced premium lubricants and an enhancement gel, the Euforia Enhance collection is essential to sensual soirees and illicit interludes, each playing an essential role in bringing your fantasies to life. Then, bring the luxury of Euforia to your self-care routine with the Firming Cream, a blend of caffeine and botanical extracts you can apply anywhere you’d like to firm and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Inspiring a surge of pleasure that echoes from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, the Kalypso collection floods your body with untold satisfaction. Featuring the Hydrathrill™ motor, Pure Romance’s Kalypso collection vibrates at an ultra-penetrating, low frequency designed to help you experience deeper, longer-lasting orgasms. Our bodies are made up of mostly water… and these toys are designed to travel thru it !

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Shower Wower!

Upgrade your shower experience with our amazing line of spa products! We have tons of different scent, so no matter if you are a fruity girl or floral, Pure Romance has you covered! Our Skinny Dip is a foam boosted body wash and bubble bath combo that will leave you feeling oh so clean, and give you those big Julia Roberts suds!

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