June 2016

June 2016

I started my business in January 2016. I am on my way to Senior Consultant after just 7 months in the business! I am currently apart of Corporate’s Leadership program, hand selected to participate in a yr long training with top leaders and our CEO, Chris Cicchinelli. It’s a rigorous program of learning, team building, sponsoring, + learning how to set and achieve business goals.

I started growing my very own team this month, and welcomed my girl, Tera. We are proud to call ourselves the Wild Roses! I love learning and staying a student (as we like to say), but I absolutely adore sponsoring and helping other girls achieve their goals and rock their businesses. I am excited to see where the next 6 months takes me and my team! I have 2 amazing Michigan based teams I am apart of, the Hustlin’ Hunnies + the Bliss Beauties. The resources and love provided from the women in this sisterhood has been unreal. I have been invited to step up + consider a future leadership position on my Hustlin’ Hunnies team, and participate in the Leadership/Future Leader lunches.

June was the busiest my party calendar has been! I was able to meet so many amazing girls and party with the best hostesses! In August I will be attending our annual National Training event in Ohio with consultants from all over the world 🙂

In February 2016, my sales were $1,263 for the month. I am now at $12k+ at this point in the year, and won Queen of Sales for the month of May, with $3,210!

But I think my absolute favorite thing about this business, is the extra money it’s allowed me to have! Bill money…spending money…TRIP money!! =) Just a couple nights of parties allowed me to book my flight to Austin for 4 days + have a little spending money while I was there 🙂 Incredible trip, with incredible company, all thanks to Pure Romance and the amazing opportunity !!