Seductive Spotlight

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.04.22 PM

Well, it’s here! The *NEW* Seductive Spotlight line by Pure Romance was revealed this morning- beautiful packaging for beautiful products!

Pure Romance unveiled the new items at the World Conference in Orlando, FL last night. The launch included 4 new toys in the Seductive Spotlight collection: Premiere (fingertip clitoral vibrator), Main Attraction + Encore (silicone dual-action vibrators), and Take A Bow (10 Speed clitoral vibrator).

If a couple of these look familiar, thats because some of our favorite toys got a makeover! Can you say UPGRADE!? And not only did our toy line get a new look, but some of our all-time favorite’s in the liquid line got a reboot! Now you can enjoy new scents + flavors of classics like Great Head, Sensations, our Aura Massage Oil + more !

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