Much love!


Feeling very grateful for the support received while starting my business! Whoa. Starting a biz isn’t easy, guys! “It takes a village” and here’s a giant THANK U to that village.

Huge thanks to all my friends+family who have attended my parties, shared the love, and involved yourself in my journey, people specifically coming to mind are my partner in crime, Colleen, sister from another mister, Courtney, Mama Shelly, + long time friend Emily. And HUGE thank you to Scotty, so grateful for all our talks! He’s talked me off the ledge during rough moments + celebrated my tiny triumphs with me, & it means a lot! During an emotionally charged start to the new year his presence is much appreciated! The perspective + advice has been refreshing.

So much love for my sponsors Stefanie + Mariah,  my sister consultant, Sam, + honorary mama, Nikki Hughes! So grateful for the answers + support + encouragement they’ve provided me. I had no clue of all the connections to be had, or how much this new gig would push my comfort zone! It’s really been exciting and fueled a little entrepreneur fire in me.

Thanks to the Alfa Jango dudes for putting up with my borderline inappropriate Pure Romance outbursts + to our graphic designer, Kevin, for the awesome help w/ my website, much appreciated! I am so proud of it, and welcome any feedback or help.

And of course, thanks to Mom + Dad for the loans, ha! And the retweets + reposts + shares + likes + comments. Those guys ‘social media’ like no other 60 yr olds I know! And for everything else (like feeding my dog while I’m out ‘partying’ w/ at my Girls Nights!)

And a massive, massive THANK YOU to my hostesses (past + future!) So wonderful to have Pure Romance as a catalyst to reconnect with so many old friends, make new connections  + meet all the girls interested in what Pure Romance has to offer! I started my biz for one reason, but overcoming challenges and strengthening weaknesses have given me a shift in focus. I’m having a lot of fun doing this + send a huge thanks to them all for being on my journey w/ me + sending encouragement for my business! Can’t do it w/o them!!

I’m extremely proud of my website, thank you immensely for checking out what I’m doing with my business, stay tuned for more, xo

If you want to know all the benefits Pure Romance can offer, just ask! I’m more than happy to share! This appeared as a post on my Facebook pg where I chose to send the love, check it out there, let’s be friends!