Coco Glow


COCO GLOW, Pure Romance’s first sunless tanner, and it comes at no better time! Get a head start on your summer glow.

Comes in Light/Med and Med/Dark. Comment below your shade. XO




New Year, New Products!



If you have yet to do so, be sure to check out our brand new collections! We have TONS! New lubricant flavors for Just Like Me and Whipped. New Flirt scent in our entire spa line and limited edition items in our 7th and Plum. Plus, our mens collection just got a little bigger, including a brand new item in District! And we have a brand new limited edition toy collection, Carnivale.

Browse here, XO


Now HIRING!!!!
Looking for those 18+ who are looking to make some side money from now till the end of February!
It’s our busy season and I need ya! Out of state? No problem!
Must have 3-6 hours a month you can work and pay will range between $200-$1,000 depending on your hours you are able to work.
Some positions you can work from home!
Comment below “interested” if you would like more information👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

National Training is upon us (again!)

In 9 DAYS I will be gathering with 1000’s of sister consultants from all 50 states for our BRAND NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH LIIIIIIVE, all in the city that started it all- CINCI!

Who’s partying with me when I get back to see the new scents, flavors, and bedroom accessories FIRST!? Comment below or email me, booking now for August and September! XO


Beat the sweat!

Since bumping up my workouts to lifting, squatting weights, and running… 6 days a week, GIRL, sometimes you need a little help, am I right!?

Help is here! Toss a bottle of our Between the Sheets powdered spray in your bag. It’s amazing for taking the wet spot out of the sheets in the bedroom, BUT get creative! Use it post-workout on your gym clothes, freshen up your gym bag, or spray inside your gym shoes to get that stink out, ha! Use in your bathroom to freshen the room up, on dog bed, sheets, couch, pillows, blankets, or in your car! It’s incredible how much punch one item packs !