Favorite Product Friday: Basic Instinct

Ahhhhh who is obsessed with our pheromone infused rollerballs Basic Instinct and Truly Sexy Flirt 💗💗💗👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 msg me for refills, sunny days are around the corner, keep yourself stocked!





Tried and true!

Our Sweet Fantasie is by far the biggest fan favorite in our Spa Line ! Not only is the packaging adorable, but the scent comes in 5 wonderful products- Coochy shave cream, body dew moisturizing oil, body silk body butter, our foam boosted body wash bubble bath combo Skinny Dip, and KISS refreshing body mist!

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Collect the pack !

Our Truly Sexy Flirt collection is now even bigger than ever!! Catch it in our entire spa line (Coochy, body dew, body silk, KISS, skinny dip!) as well as perfume, afterglow shimmering lotion, a rollerball for on the go, and between the sheets sensual powder spray. Xo


Discover your signature scent!

At all my parties I ask my girls to write down their signature scent! Are you fruity or floral? Vanilla or clean? All our amazing scents have pheromones for that added flare and once you find your scent you can stock up on it in our entire spa line. That means if Pink Paradise is your favorite, you can get it in our ultra popular Coochy Shave Cream, body dew, KISS, body wash, and body silk body butter. Right now, I am LOVING our brand new scent, Exotic Jewell, which has plum and jasmine and smells exactly like Dolce and Gabbana. SCORE!

Some scents also have bonus items, like our Love Story featured at the bottom right of the picture, also comes in our Between the Sheets, sensual powdered spray. You can also stock up on our Truly Sexy Flirt for a limited time. This scent is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It only comes to us twice a year in a gorgeous bottle of perfume, Coochy, Body Dew, hand creme, and our BRAND NEW body shimmer. <<<< You want this.

Shop now, pureromance.com/angelamininni, XO