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Best Lubricant for Any Situation


Lubricant is fun and exciting, but it’s also actually functional since it can help prevent little tears in the tissue that could lead to infection. So even if you’ve never used lubricant before, it can’t hurt to try it — especially if you’ve had any issues with dryness or discomfort in the past. Dryness, by the way, is more common as we age!

Just as people have allergies or sensitivities to ingredients in skincare products, the same goes for lubricant.

Generally, more ingredients will mean more irritation to someone with sensitivities or allergies. So if you know you’re prone to infections or rashes, stick with the simple stuff and test a tiny amount on your arm or stomach before using it on your genitals — just in case. Pure Romance has an ahhmazing water-based lubricant in our Pure Naked line that is free of any irritants! Glycerin and gluten free, as well as dye and fragrance free…. AND free of parabens! If you develop any itching, burning, pain, or other irregular symptoms, stop using it immediately and seek medical care if the reaction gets worse.

Water-based: Water is the main ingredient which makes it soothing and great for sensitive skin, plus it’s easy to clean off your body and sheets. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toys, but they’re not great for the shower/bath (since they wash right off) and they’re not very long-lasting, so definitely not recommended for backdoor play. Pure Romance’s  Just Like Me water-based lubricant comes in a few different flavors made with food grade ingredients, and has a special re-wetting feature.

Silicone-based: Silicone lubricants have a unique silky feel and they’re usually hypoallergenic. Since the silicone molecules are too large to absorb into skin, the lubricant is super slippery and lasts much longer so you don’t need to re-apply as often — and it really works well for water play! But silicone lubricant will actually ruin silicone sex toys, because it breaks down the surface and makes the toys gummy and gross. It almost looks as if the material has been melted, which is the worst to think of when you have a high-end sex toy, like one from our Seductive Spotlight collection or Euforia.

Luckily, Pure Romance formulated our very own special TOY-SAFE silicone lubricant, for those who love the feel and silkiness of the silicone.

The experts say that simple water- and silicone-based lubes are best. Vaginal tissue is extremely sensitive, so anything hypoallergenic is great, especially if you’re prone to irritation or UTIs.So stay away from scents, flavors, or hot/cold sensations lubricants with menthol or cinnamon unless you know it doesn’t bother you.

Definitely avoid synthetic oil or petroleum-based products like Vaseline. They don’t really work and they get super sticky because petroleum isn’t water-soluble. Talk about a petri dish for bacteria and microbes to grow and cause infection. Natural oil (coconut, olive, jojoba) isn’t a bad option, but it can be hard to clean off, and you can’t use it with condoms!

Thanks, Buzzfeed for the info! And to shop Pure Romance’s variety of lubricants, check out my shopping pg!