Summer parties are my favorite! Choose your theme + lets party!

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Pure Romance products are IN! It’s like Christmas every time I see those boxes on my porch =) The Onyx and Wonderland Collections are gorgeous!

All About the Party!


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I’m a Pure Romance consultant. What does that mean? Well, it means something different for every consultant. For me, it means I work my business seriously. I’m my own boss. I truly do make my own hours. What does that mean? It means I ‘party’ with my girls 3 days a week, that’s it. I don’t want to do more, though I could! I’m available for my Pure Romance parties Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I work a full-time job that I LOVE, and am totally happy with parties 3 days a week. My girls love theme nights such as Massage Monday + Wine Wednesday and of course everyone loves to party on Saturday!

How much does a Pure Romance party cost to host?

NOTHING! NOTTA. ZIP. Do you love FREE goodies?! Of course you do! So you’ll love the rewards you’ll get when you host a Pure Romance party with me. I’ll come to your home with a bonus hostess gift just for welcoming me into your home and introducing me to your best girlfriends! And at that end of the party, I’ll give you a credit for 10% of your party’s total sales toward any product(s) on your wish list THAT NIGHT, plus more! For easy math, if you have a $1000 party, you get $100 worth of ANYTHING you want. No if’s, and’s, or but’s! I’ll send you a catalog before the party so you can browse through it (maybe with your partner!) and pick out everything you want… and you know you’ll go home with it all! My goal is to give YOU as many free goodies as possible! You just worry about grabbing a bottle of wine + getting your girlfriends there =)

Can’t get your girlfriends to commit? No worries! The girls who do join in, will get to participate in fun games, a chance to win prizes, and get a live chance to taste, smell, + feel our wonderful products. But, for those who can’t get a sitter or take the night off, they’ll be able to shop online or through the catalog before the party, and it’ll ALL count towards your party total!

How long does the party last?

I know, we’re all busy! But we also all deserve a few hours of girl time. Time to schedule in laughs and a little learning session w/ your best girls. That’s all it takes, a few hours. Get your girls there an hour early for ‘happy hr’, I’ll show up + set up, and once your girls have had time to arrive, mingle, and settle in, I’ll begin my demo. Depending on how many girls you have there, (and how wild), I’ll take between 45 mins to an hr and a half. Once I wrap up, you can top off your wishlist, and bring it with you into the shopping rm!

Is it private?!

If you have burning questions on sexual health or personal issues you’d like to share, it can absolutely be private if you save it for the ‘shopping room’. That’s the absolute best place for questions (or concerns!) If you tend to be a bit more reserved during the demo, thats perfectly fine! No one is going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. My job is to provide a fun environment where we can relax, laugh, and be educated on our bodies, our partners body, + sexual health. My shopping room is 100% confidential.

How do I have a Pure Romance party?

Call me! That’s all. I’ll do the leg work. I’ll create an online invite for you, typically Facebook is the best tool, and you just start adding your girlfriends! I’ll also send you catalogs, branded paper invites, and a few pieces of information that tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to have the biggest, most successful party + get the most FREE goodies! You just pick and stick with a date, invite your girls, and get ready to be spoiled.

=) Call/text me, 734-718-6602!

Have other questions? Email me anytime,


Massage Monday


One of my favorite themes for my Pure Romance parties is Massage Monday! My girls absolutely love it. And I love knowing I can make them feel good just for a night… at least until they take their goodies home! And it doesn’t matter at all if you are single or have a partner, you can treat yo’self or be treated… But first… Why even bother w/ massage? Let’s talk about some of the benefits…

Massage therapy can reduce migraines, improve sleep, ease back pain, reduce the need for pain killers, lower blood pressure + improve circulation, reduce stress + the stress hormone Cortisol, and a huge benefit is that it eliminates toxins from the muscles + fat and increases oxygen to the body! Massage is a very effective way to maintain your health and wellness, but sadly, a huge portion of us are NOT getting regular massages. Why is that? Well, the main reason is likely cost. I know I’d love a massage every few weeks to a month, but after the cost of the massage, any add-ons, and a tip, I need another massage to counteract the stress of the bill!

So, what are some cost-effective ways to get your massage in and reap the above benefits? Well… unless you have a massage chair or a willing partner, you’re going to need some trusty helpers to get the job done, and the job done well! Ladies, your partner might be a bit more excited about offering up a massage if they had a few fun things to bring out! LIKE WHAT!? Glad you asked 😉 Check out these AMAZING massage products by Pure Romance. We’ve got you covered!

Our massage lotion, Serenity, is also oil based + perfectly paired with our Hot Heart’s or vibrating hot massager, Heart Throb. And our massage gloves, In Good Hands, is the PERFECT at-home deep tissue massage… and BONUS, ladies- You can use it in the shower for a personal massage or gentle exfoliant, (one of my personal favs)! It also pairs great with Pure Romance’s Aura massage oil for a delightful massage from your partner. You can now try our new scent, Honey & Lotus! (psst, its incredible!) We also have the Burning Desire soy candle that you can drip on your partner for the ultimate sexy massage!

Shop our massage products with me now! xo