The e-scentials!

It’s true! Pure Romance now carries essential oils! And they’re perfect for mother’s day!

We have 4 essential oil roller balls perfectly designed for your 4 biggest issues…


Bang Bang!
Satisfy your craving for erotic bliss with Bang, Bang!, a libido-enhancing essential oil blend that awakens sensual desire. Formulated with essential oils that stir feelings of passion and arousal, this exhilarating rollerball balances seductive ylang ylang and sandalwood with soothing lemon balm and cedar wood to heighten heat between the sheets!

Open, Sesame!
Open Sesame is a soothing clarity blend that includes eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential extracts with cooling peppermint. Apply Open Sesame morning, noon, or night to help you feel refreshed all day long!

Rise & Grind
Take your hustle next level with this make-it-happen rollerball that kick-starts feelings of confidence and motivation with essential extracts. Energizing grapefruit and peppermint are fused with stabilizing vanilla and rosemary to sharpen your focus while counteracting your doubts and worries.

Time to go, flow!
Keep your cool when Aunt Flo’s in town with this calming essential oil blend designed to soothe and help balance emotions. Clary sage and fennel seed extracts support you during hormonal ups and downs while lavender, chamomile, and carrot seed give you feelings of peace and tranquility. This specialized, need-now blend also has a cooling effect on skin anytime you’re feeling the heat.




I went LIVE on Facebook last night with a fun raffle for YOU to win a FREE bottle of Coochy in our newest LIMITED EDITION scent Truly Sexy Flirt ! =) Head over to my Facebook page, watch the LIVE video, and join in on the raffle! I’ll be picking a winner TONIGHT @ 915p est.


Paradise City

There’s a *NEW* scent in town! Pure Romance’s newest scent is here, finally. Joining the sweet amber scent of Love Story, and the floral noted Radiant Orchid, is Pink Paradise.

BUT WAIT…That’s not it! Did you really think Pure Romance would just release a new scent and call it a day!? Oh, how little you know us. Take a peek at the picture below… notice anything new? That’s right – we’re going SKINNY DIPPING! Joining all the fan fav’s – Coochy, Body Dew, Body Silk, & KISS, is…. Skinny Dip!!

Skinny Dip is a foam boosted body wash + bubble bath combo, and available in all scents!


Look what arrived!

Here’s a little peek into my product delivery =)

Stay tuned to the first week of August… I’ll be tweeting, posting, and blogging from Pure Romance’s National Conference, showing off all the new products, training tips, and fun w/ the sisterhood!, XO


New launch around the corner…



As Pure Romance prepares for the *New* Fall product launch, some items are getting the boot! Sad to say, our gorgeous perfume, Truly Sexy Flirt is saying goodbye!

Like this scent? Stock up while you can! eMail me + I will hook you up!

LOVE this scent!? Get it for FREE when you throw it a goodbye party.

Obsessed with Pure Romance’s product launches? YOU can be the first to get a sneak peek! I’ll be at our National Conference in August, and will be throwing out teasers the entire time. You won’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned here August 4th-6th, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss any of the updates!


Favorite Product Friday: CocoaBerry!

As promised, here’s a quick video I made before running out for coffee w/ a friend! I used the Peruvian Cocoa Berry scent in KISS + had to stop myself in my tracks to let everyone know how amazing this smells! A beautiful summer scent =)

Anyone looking for a sample or interested in the Deluxe kit, just ask!


Contact me anytime for product information, ordering, + comments/questions!

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Happy Friday, XO