IN celebration of our 25th anniversary, meet XXV. This gorgeous packing contains our new scent of fresh rain and Sicilian Citrus. I’M DOOMED WITH THIS ONE! Catch this and more in our 2018 Spring product launch, out now.





Beat the sweat!

Since bumping up my workouts to lifting, squatting weights, and running… 6 days a week, GIRL, sometimes you need a little help, am I right!?

Help is here! Toss a bottle of our Between the Sheets powdered spray in your bag. It’s amazing for taking the wet spot out of the sheets in the bedroom, BUT get creative! Use it post-workout on your gym clothes, freshen up your gym bag, or spray inside your gym shoes to get that stink out, ha! Use in your bathroom to freshen the room up, on dog bed, sheets, couch, pillows, blankets, or in your car! It’s incredible how much punch one item packs !

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Say Bye Bye Bye with a SALE!

I don’t do this often on my site, but… 💋 LET’S HAVE A SALE! 10% off your order, sound good!? Browse our entire catalog, at www.pureromance.com/angelamininni. Then msg me with your goodies.
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