Plan the sweetest party!

Why not stick to a theme that will indulge everyone’s sweet tooth!? Our *new* Cotton Candy Sensations pairs perfectly with these ahhh-mazing Cotton Candy champagne cocktails! Make your Pure Romance party  the BEST party! XO


High End. Luxury. Exclusive. Euforia.

Only a handful of consultants are privy to this amazing high-end collection, Euforia. We have a new ROSE GOLD collection of jewelry, bamboo fiber pajamas, lubricants and enhancements, firming cream, cleanser, and bedroom accessories. Wow.

I have exclusive information and access to this luxury collection by Pure Romance., XO



Our Winter 2017 product launch part 1 has arrived!!! We have a supppper exciting new toy collection, new candy flavored lubricants, and a brand new spa scent available in the entire spa line! Oh, and some of our absolute favorite lingerie peices are back!!

Our newest flavor in our Sensations edible warming lubricant now comes in COTTON CANDY, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s… well… SENSATIONAL!

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